Find your friends inside the stadium

The free MexWave app works in stadiums worldwide for Soccer games, American Football, Racing, Basketball, Baseball and more…

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The easy way to find your friends…
to connect and meet up inside the stadium

Discover which of your sports friends are inside the stadium.
Find out where they are seated … and get in touch.

Automatic Stadium check-in

When you enter a stadium, MexWave will automatically check you in. Most mayor stadiums in the world already have this feature!

Friends’ seat location

Share your seat or block number with your friends. Meeting each other is now easy and fun!

Find all your friends

We give you an easy counter to find out how many of your friends are in the stadium at the moment!

Enjoy the game!

Above all, MexWave is there to enjoy the game, together with your friends, so some extra tools for more fun are included.

Privacy is Key

Unlike many other social apps MexWave does not share your location outside the stadium.
You are in control of the settings! Choose who will be able to see you on the app.
After the game, MexWave forgets who was in the stadium and only stores how many of your friends were there.

In-App extras to support for your team

Discover the extras in the app and try out the strobo-MexWave with your friends. Create a new stadium experience for you and your team!

  • Strobo

    At night the light and stroboscope-light generate a unique experience inside the stadium. With one-click you can use the stobo light from within the MexWave app!

  • Mexican Waves

    With MexWave, a new type of digital Mexican Waves is born. Use the strobo or horn during a classic Mexican Wave and discover how light and sound propogate as a wave inside the stadium.

  • Horn

    Touch the air horn and make some noise to support your favorite team. Team up with your friends and find out how it sounds when you all use the horn at the same time.

  • More features to come

    This is only the beta-version of MexWave. We plan more features such as group invitations and countdowns for fanclub chants. Let us know if you have more features in mind to support your fanclub!

Invite business relations for
upcoming games…

Not only individual sport fans can use MexWave to invite friends for the next game.
With MexWave you'll be able to:

  • Find out which teams your business relations are following.
  • Invite your business relations for a fun evening with their favorite club or athlete.
  • Get notified when your contact approaches the stadium.
  • Welcome your business relation and enjoy the game!


Take a look at the screenshots of the MexWave app.

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