10000 MexWave users in 1 Stadium F

10.000 Users in 1 Stadium!

For the first time since our Social StadiumApp was launched in March, we have reached a record attendance of 10.000 MexWave sportfans in the same stadium, using the StadiumApp in unison! At tonight’s soccer game between KAA Gent and KV Oostende, the Gent fans had downloaded the App in large numbers and organized a #Lightwave in the 52nd minute, with the App’s Mexican Wave tool.

The next goal? 20.000 users in the same stadium!

2 thoughts on “10.000 Users in 1 Stadium!

  1. Bineinteles ca este o gaselnita de marketing, asa cum sunt majoritatea palfomurirur si cosmeticelor create de marile case de moda. Nu spun ca nu ar fi bune, unele dintre ele chiar sunt de o calitate grozava, dar nu intotdeauna. :)

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