MexWave App off to a flashing start!

Friday night, the new stadium app MEXWAVE has been launched internationally at KAA Gent, the soccer team that is leading in the Belgian competition, and plays in the world-famous Ghelamco Arena (last year elected as World Stadium of The Year). During the 52nd minute of the game, the complete arena illuminated with thousands of MEXWAVE’s flashing lights! An impressive moment for all sport fans, and unique in the world to see the whole sports stadium flashing!

The new MEXWAVE app focusses on the fans! With the new MEXWAVE app you can see, as soon as you enter a stadium, which of your friends are there, to meet and have fun. Supporters immediately loved the MEXWAVE app, and with thousands of downloads, the app noted immediately in Apple’s regional Top 20 chart of free, most downloaded apps and Google Play’s Top 20 most popular new apps. Also, during pre-launch fans and fanclubs from countries such as Germany, UK, US, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Malaysia and Japan started following us . In the meantime, we are also followed by American soccer players e.g. from the New York Jets and the Panthers. Since the launch on Friday, also professional soccer players started to use the app.

The MEXWAVE app is available in both Google Play and iPhone App store and provides a simple, all-in-one concept to find your friends, see where they are seated, and have fun together inside the stadium. Through the in-app sms functionality you can talk with each other, meet and have fun. With the easy-to-use flashlight and air horn, unique stadium experiences start to exist! Fanclubs that start using the MEXWAVE app can also win a nice, silicone gadget to amplify the sound of their air horn!


The app recognizes all large stadia worldwide, ranging from soccer, American football, rugby, baseball, basketball, to racing, tennis, golf, etc. In the weeks before the launch of the app, sport fans have been pre-testing and approving the app across the globe in stadia such as Camp Nou and Estadio Jalisco (Mexico). The international approach is also reflected in the downloads, with currently downloads in Europe, US, Asia and Latin America.

The app is a concept of two Belgian sports fans, who teamed up with sports fans across the globe, to develop the app. For the worldwide launch of the app on Friday May 8th, MEXWAVE partnered with the Belgian’s leading soccer team KAA Gent. The name of the app “MexWave” refers the Mexican Wave. With current and future features, we want to promote Mexican Waves in sports stadia worldwide!

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