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Gent / 06-11-2015

The live-sport scene is slowly getting accustomed to an array of apps that make the experience of watching sports even better. Most Apps so far were informative or commercial in purpose, but with MexWave we bring a new app to enhance the stadium experience.

During the Champions League game on Thursday 5/11/2015, the KAA Gent supporters used the App to organise a supporters action with the App’s strobe lights:


thousands of fans using MexWave
thousands of fans using MexWave

What is MexWave?

MexWave is a new free social App for sport fanatics, to be used before, during and after stadium visits. The app is unique in its setup: Its main goal is to improve the stadium-atmosphere on the one hand, and it breaches the gaps between supporters of different sports.

What to do with MexWave:

Users can invite other fans of their club to go watch a live event. Once they have arrived at the stadium, the App automatically checks them in, and notifies all friends that are already present. The users can even add a specific location, so finding friends becomes really easy. Now there’s no more need for sending loads of “have you arrived yet”-texts.

There are multiple in-App tools to aid in cheering on the team:

– A messaging service with which a club or a fanclub can contact all the fans that are checked in at the stadium, to inform them about chants and other supporters actions

– Comparative stats about stadium visits for the users and their friends

– A Strobe-light with an optional Mexican Wave-Mode, which only starts flashing when you raise up your phone during a wave

– A Sport Horn

So far, the App checks users in at thousands stadia worldwide. The available sports so far are Golf, Soccer, American football, Australian football, Canadian Football, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball and Races.

You can now Download the App, check in at stadia worldwide and review us!

Contact  MexWave for more information.

A few screenshots of the App:


let people know you are here
When entering a stadium: let your friends know you have arrived, and add your current location in the stadium (seat, block, bar, …)
compare stats with you friends
Keep score and compare stats with you friends: Who has visited the most stadiums? In how many countries? How often to you visit your no. 1 stadium?
Use the Mexican Wave Mode of the App's strobe light
Use the Mexican Wave Mode of the App’s strobe light: your flashlight will be activated only when lift your arms during the wave!
Check the message boards for the teams you follow
Each club you support gets its own message board. Add more teams to receive messages about supporter actions and chant lyrics.
Blow the MexWave horn in your stadium
Use the App’s Horn in the stadium (or when watching the game at home, we won’t judge) and make some noise! Or you could organize a noise-wave?
Message your MexWave Friends
Find out which teams your MexWave friends support, and invite them to the next game. Add more teams of players whenever you like.