Privacy Policy

MexWave is the free stadium app for you and your friends.
We fully respect your privacy, and put you in full control of all the privacy settings.

Your default privacy settings
The default privacy settings ensure that your location is only shared while you are nearby a stadium. Unlike many other social media apps, we thus do not share your location once you are away from a stadium. Additionally, it is not possible to trace back into the past who was present at which game or which stadium, unless you share it with your friends.

Take control of your location tracking settings
By using the MexWave app with the default settings, you share with your friends your presence in a stadium. In case you prefer to anonymously visit a stadium, you can choose to deactive for 24 hours, or until later manual re-activation, the stadium location tracking functionality. This makes you invisible inside MexWave for any body else. Once the location tracking is re-activated, the app will continue the location tracking and inform you when you are close to a stadium. Additionally, you can choose per contact to make yourself invisible for tracking by that contact. When you enter a stadium, those contacts will not be able to trace you.

Your account information
MexWave protects your user account information with a password. With the MexWave app, you share your user information with your contacts. This information includes, e.g., your favorite teams and your exact location when you enter a stadium. MexWave will not share your individual account information towards third parties, but may communicate on aggregated information, e.g., how many sports fans from one team are using the app. The parties that develop, improve and maintain the MexWave software and databases on MexWave’s behalf, may not use the personal account information we share with them outside the ICT tasks they need to perform.

Connecting you with your friends
To connect you with your friends, MexWave uses your phone number and the contact information in your phone book. When one of your contacts joins MexWave, the app uses his/her phone number, to inform contacts. Additionally, access to the telephone numbers enables you to send sms-messages to your contacts, initiated from within MexWave. Note that by using the MexWave app you agree not to impersonate other people. MexWave preserves the right to block users that impersonate other people.

Protecting your information
As a MexWave user, you confirm to prevent unauthorized access to your account information by choosing and protecting your password appropriately and logging off when appropriate. While MexWave aims to safeguard user information to ensure that account information remains private, MexWave cannot guarantee the security of user account information. Failures in software or hardware, unauthorized access, and other actions, may at any time compromise the security of account information.

MexWave is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices on other sites it links with (Facebook, Twitter).

Changes to the privacy policy.
MexWave will continue to ensure your privacy, and may consider amending this privacy policy on a regular base. You can consult the latest version of the privacy policy both on the MexWave website and inside the settings page of the MexWave app. As a user you are bound to any change of the privacy policy when you use the app after posting the updated version on the MexWave website or app.

Let us know when you have privacy concerns
If you would have any concern or question with respect to your privacy using the MexWave app, just send a message to!

Effective Date: March, 23rd, 2015